Is Private Medical Insurance Worth it?

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What does Private Medical Insurance provide?

Taking care of your health is vital, and having the right policy can bring you unparalleled peace of mind.

Private Medical Insurance benefits differ between insurers, but most of them can provide you with:

· A shorter timeframe – starting with referral and consultation, to treatment and (we hope) recovery – which is quicker than waiting for NHS backlogs.

· Access to pharmaceutical drugs and medications which might not be available through the NHS: for example, cancer treatment.

· Many insurers offer access to digital GP appointments which can provide quicker referrals and support.

· Many providers give you the option to choose your surgeon.

· Some providers offer direct access to specific services like physiotherapy and mental health professionals.

Am I eligible for Private Medical Insurance?

There is a common preconception that if you are over a certain age, you won’t be eligible for Private Medical Insurance. However almost anyone is eligible for PMI.

When you source your private health insurance with us, we can access an extensive panel of insurers to find you the most effective cover for your needs, and we can tailor your plan so it supports you in the short and the long term.

What about exclusions and pre-existing medical conditions?

Any exclusions will be made very clear within the terms of the policies we provide.

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, they will generally not be covered by your health insurer, as PMI provides help with medical conditions which occur after you take out a policy.

Most private medical insurers do not provide cover for:

· Maternity care

· Pre-existing conditions

· Long-term chronic illnesses or conditions such as diabetes or arthritis

· Cosmetic surgery

How does it work?

You will pay a monthly premium agreed by your provider. If you need any private healthcare treatment, you will make a claim and your insurer will pay the healthcare fees directly to the medical facility or consultant.

Group/Company benefits

Private medical Insurance doesn’t just stop at you and your family. We also offer Private Medical Insurance (PMI), Cash Plans and Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) for Group/Company schemes. This allows you to provide healthcare benefits for your employees, so you can be confident they are taken care of and have access to fast, effective treatment..

Facts and Figures

At the time of publishing, 7.21 million people are waiting for treatment from the NHS1. Are you willing to join the queue?

Brexit resulted in medical workforce shortages. Covid-19 placed an unprecedented strain on our healthcare service. The result is an ever-increasing backlog consisting of:

· Cancelled referrals and delayed procedures.

· Patients on treatment waiting lists.

· Patients who have not seen a GP due to Covid infection fears or concern they may be a burden on the NHS.

· Referrals which have been refused due to lack of staff.

To discuss your options for Private Medical Insurance for you, your family, or your employees, please contact us. We’re here to help with any queries you may have or provide you with a quick quote for a step forward in your healthcare plan.

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