How do we compare to comparison sites?

Fiction: Comparison sites provide the cheapest quotes.

Fact: Not necessarily. We can search the UK’s leading insurers and do all the hard work for you in obtaining the most competitive policy for your insurance needs.

At Lloyd & Whyte Community Broking, our team of insurance specialists can not only provide you with the most suitable quotation for your circumstances, but also add real value during the whole process of obtaining and managing your insurance. Our team of insurance experts can help you with:

  • A new quote
  • Renewals
  • What you’re covered for
  • Understanding your policy’s Terms & Conditions
  • Claims processes
  • Any changes you would like to make

What Personal Insurance do we provide?

Home Insurance

Effective and appropriate Home Insurance is a key factor for peace of mind. Extreme weather is more prevalent, and property can be prone to flooding and even subsidence. To stay protected for the costs of damage and destruction, your need cover for your home that won’t let you down.

Our team of household insurance brokers can advise on the type of policy your home needs; set up your policy for you; and help you with every step of making a claim, should you need support.

They won’t upsell you other products if you don’t need them. Our team discuss and identify what you need and offer a quotation in line with your individual insurance needs. Whether that’s just Contents Insurance or Buildings & Contents Insurance, we can help!

Car Insurance

In the UK, it is a legal requirement to insure your car. Because of this, the car insurance market is saturated with deals. Finding a policy that suits you can be time consuming and confusing, but Lloyd & Whyte Community Broking does the legwork for you. No more trawling through endless deals trying to figure out costings and exactly what you’re covered for. Instead, when you contact us, we’ll quickly be in touch to discuss your Car Insurance and your options including:

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft
  • Third Party
  • Car Breakdown Cover
  • Motor Legal Expenses

In a world that lives online, we’re bringing insurance back to the community, with the opportunity to speak to real people that can help you.

Van Insurance

In addition to car Insurance, we provide a wide range of cover for various types of vehicles and vessels including Van, Taxi, Caravan, Motorhome and Boat.

If you own a van for leisure, like an RV Motorhome, or you’re a tradesperson with one or more vans, we have numerous options for making life easier. From fleet to single vehicle, our Van Insurance policies will be tailored to your needs, to ensure you’re fully protected.

We can also offer Breakdown Cover, which can include roadside assistance, vehicle recovery, home start, or transportation to a garage. You can have all or one of these options as part of your cover, and if you’re not sure what you need, our helpful team of vehicle insurance experts can advise you.

Travel Insurance

According to the UK Civil Aviation Authority, 6,400 flights to and from the UK were cancelled in the first three months of 2023 and that’s not even during peak holiday season!1 So don’t ‘wing it’ around Travel Insurance. If your flight is cancelled or delayed, the right cover could help you be reimbursed for the cost of:

  • Flight tickets
  • Transport to, and cost of temporary accommodation
  • Alternative travel arrangements

If you need medical treatment while you’re abroad – (think – skiing accident, car accident, sickness, or food poisoning), effective Travel Insurance can cover the cost of medical treatment and transportation to hospital.

Our team of advisers have a thorough knowledge of healthcare in different countries and can help you with Travel Insurance that can cover you for unforeseen events that may affect your holiday plans and leave you out of pocket. If you have certain health conditions which have made finding Travel Insurance difficult, talk to us. Our relationships with the UK’s largest insurers mean we can source cover that can’t always be found online.

Management liability insurance provides you with peace of mind that your businesses and management team are covered in the event of unexpected serious legal action caused by professional mistakes.

What sets us apart from other insurance brokers?

Whether you’re looking for insurance to insure one of your assets such as home or car, or you’re interested in holding your various policies under one roof and with an adviser you trust, we can help. We use our local knowledge and expertise to provide insurance with a human touch. No more long queue times, chat bots and online confusion. We build long-lasting relationships with our clients which includes face to face meetings, accessibility, and a personalised service.

Call your local community broking team to discuss the most suitable policy for you.


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