A Guide to our Motor Fleet Insurance

When you own a business that uses a fleet of vehicles from two or more, the smooth running of your vehicles is key to your success.

To own a respected business which provides a trusted service, you need a business process you can rely on – including your insurance. Our team of insurance experts understand this which is why they can find insurance that does this:

  • Covers all your vehicles under one policy.
  • Has one renewal date for all your vehicles – so you know exactly where you stand.
  • Insures your drivers to have access to all vehicles under any one driver policies.

Instead of you doing this:

  • Searching through paperwork or emails for policy details and terms and conditions.
  • Racking your brain to remember your renewal date and whether your policy needs updating.
  • Juggling your cover to accommodate all your drivers.

As if that wasn’t enough, we can potentially save you money by providing more competitive premiums by having a fleet insurance policy, instead of insuring the vehicles separately. You can enjoy spreading the cost over a monthly instalment plan, and we can assist with cover if you are operating in the EU too.

Who needs Motor Fleet Insurance?

If you own two or more commercial vehicles, you’ll need Motor Fleet Insurance. If you run or own a taxi company, courier service, bus and coach company, or any other type of business which relies on more than one vehicle, get in touch. Lloyd & Whyte Community Broking can potentially find quality insurance for drivers of any age or risk profile, and cover for various types of vehicles including:

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Mini Buses
  • Coaches
  • Buses
  • HGVs

What else can Motor Fleet Insurance Provide?

Motor Fleet Insurance is similar to Car Insurance (which we also provide). There are usually three options available: Comprehensive; Third party, fire and theft; Third party only.

  • Comprehensive cover insures your vehicle and other people should your driver have an accident and damage your vehicle or injure a person, even if your driver isn’t at fault. Comprehensive cover also insures you for fire and theft, and some policies will cover personal items and windscreens.

  • Third party, fire and theft cover is best explained when we subdivide it. “Third party” insures for damage to another person’s vehicle or property if you have an accident with them. “Fire” means your vehicle is insured if it catches fire and can include arson and accidental fire. “Theft” covers your vehicle if it is stolen. It is important to understand that this type of cover doesn’t insure your own vehicle if it is damaged or destroyed in an accident.

  • Third party only is a legal requirement in the UK, but it is the minimum level of cover. It can cover for damage of someone else’s vehicle or property should you be involved in an accident that you cause. But it won’t cover the damage done to your own vehicle or property in an accident, and it won’t insure you for fire or theft.

When you arrange your insurance through us, you can benefit from our high levels of customer service, from arranging your cover to help with a claim.

To discuss Motor Fleet Insurance for a large or small group of vehicles, please contact us.

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