Construction, Contractors & Builders’ Insurance

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Construction, whether as a contractor, property developer or self-builder is a dangerous occupation and not without risks. Whether it’s property damage, theft of equipment or a workplace injury, we can source appropriate cover to protect you and your clients, from the unique set of risks encountered in your everyday trade. You need adequate protection for yourself and any third parties. We appreciate that you are busy, so we are on hand to make it quick and easy to get the appropriate cover you need.

This type of insurance is there to cover risks on a construction site, building or renovation project, with the core areas covered being; legal liabilities, machinery, plant & equipment and potential financial losses if something goes wrong as you go about your daily job of work.

What You Need to Know About

Construction, Contractors & Builders’ Insurance

It includes a range of different covers such as:-

Public Liability
Protect your business against accidental injury and property damage claims, from customers, the general public, suppliers or visitors. It protects you against compensation claims should a third party be injured, or their property damaged because of the actions of your business. It also offers legal protection against defending a claim against you.

Note that it does not cover accidents that happen to you, damage to your own property, employee claims, fines or penalties or environmental claims. We can, however, look at these situations separately.

Professional indemnity insurance
Covers defence costs for any claims against you if you are liable for a mistake or proven to have given wrong advice, and also cover any subsequent defence compensation payments, which can be large.

Employers’ liability insurance
A legal statutory requirement if you have someone working for you. It provides cover for work-related injury or illness claims from your employees, including temporary staff and volunteers.

Contracts works insurance
Covers regular building and construction site work if disasters like storm, flood, or fire cause damage, or you are hit by theft or vandalism. You are financially protected so you can restore the project to its pre-damage status and safeguard against further losses.

Machinery and plant insurance
Cover for owned or hired-in plant, equipment and tools.

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