Non-Standard Construction Insurance

Key Considerations for Non-Standard Construction Insurance

Insurance for non-standard construction refers to insurance policies designed to cover buildings that don’t conform to typical construction methods. In the UK, a standard construction is generally defined as a building with brick or stone walls and a tiled or slate roof. Properties that do not use these traditional construction aspects are more likely to have a corrugated metal roof and timber cladding or render, which insurers see as being at greater risk. Energy efficient houses may use materials and use construction techniques unfamiliar to insurers, so they are seen as being non-standard. Similarly, listed buildings and older properties may fall into this category.

Non-standard construction includes structures made with unconventional materials or methods, such as:

• Timber or steel frames
• Prefabricated or modular buildings
• Eco-homes including Huf Haus design
• Straw bale
• Self-build homes
• Thatched roofs
• Wattle and Daub walls.
• Flat roofs
• Have solar panels
• Steel or glass walls
• Listed or historic buildings
• Flood risk property

So why and when would you need Non-standard Construction Insurance?

If the material and construction type uses non-standard materials, this can affect the durability, safety, and maintenance requirements of a building. Insurers need detailed information to assess risks accurately.

Unconventional buildings might pose higher risks, such as increased fire hazards (in the case of timber frames or thatched roofs), susceptibility to weather damage, or structural weaknesses. Flat, shingle or thatched roofs have their own unique vulnerabilities.

Then there is the cost of repair or replacement as non-standard building parts can be more expensive due to the unique materials and specialised labour required.

Our expert teams in Community Broking are able to search the market to get the cover you need. There are fewer insurers who offer policies for non-standard constructions, which can limit options so talk to our experts now to take the leg work out of getting optimum cover.

They can also advise you on a realistic valuation, via credible expert valuation services, which is crucial to ensure adequate cover, especially for unique or historical buildings, which may have fluctuating market values and specific restoration requirements.

We can work with you to tailor your policy to cover specific risks associated with the construction type, such as additional coverage for listed buildings to comply with heritage regulations.

Why you need Non-Standard Construction Insurance

Standard home insurance policies might not cover the unique risks posed by non-standard buildings. A specialised policy ensures you are protected against those specific risks. Knowing your property is adequately insured against potential risks specific to its construction type can provide peace of mind.

Furthermore, lenders often require buildings to be insured comprehensively as a condition for granting a mortgage. For non-standard constructions, they may insist on a tailored insurance policy.
In the event of damage, having the right insurance, for an appropriate and update valuation, can prevent significant financial loss by covering repair or replacement costs that might otherwise be prohibitive.

The majority of listed properties are deemed to be of ‘non-standard’ construction by insurers. Traditional assumptions for losses, say due to fire, flooding, escape of water or subsidence do not allow for the increase in costs associated with a listed building. For historic or listed buildings, insurance can cover the costs of adhering to regulations on restoration, ensuring the building’s historical value is maintained. Your policy should also include sufficient alternative accommodation coverage in case you need to vacate for an extended period.

Speak to your local Community Broking Team for competitive quotes on non-standard construction insurance designed to meet your needs. We can ensure that you have the comprehensive coverage tailored to the unique risks associated with unconventional buildings, providing you with financial security and meeting legal or mortgage requirements.

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