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Property Owners Insurance is for owners of residential and commercial buildings who want to protect their investments.Residential Property Owners Insurance covers any domestic duelling that is not the owners primary residence. These can include;

  • Buy-to-let properties
  • Property portfolios
  • Holiday Homes
  • Unlike standard home insurance, these properties present different risks to insurers, predominantly because occupancy can be transient and changeable; often without an insurer knowing.


Commercial Property Owners Insurance is varied depending on the type of property and the type of business occupying it. It is possible to get commercial property owners insurance for;

  • Single or multi-tenanted properties
  • Modern, historic and converted buildings
  • Property portfolio on one policy

Whatever type of property you need to insure, there are several factors that can influence your cover and premium. As an insurance broker, we will assess your needs, help you establish accurate sums insured and find policies to suit you.

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