Renewable Energy Insurance

Protecting Innovative Projects

With the increase of renewable energy, renewable energy insurance is crucial for encouraging the growth of the sector. Effective insurance provides a level of financial security, and reduces the risks associated with new and developing technologies. The renewable energy industry is key in the UK’s transition towards sustainable energy sources. However, these projects come with unique risks, making specialised insurance solutions essential.

As the demand for renewable energy increases, the infrastructure needed to provide this sustainable energy is growing. We have the specialist knowledge and expertise to provide market leading renewable energy insurance to cover renewable energy technologies.



What types of Renewable Energy Insurance are available?

We offer a range of tailored insurance for renewable energy projects, including the following:

Construction Insurance: Covers risks during the building phase, including delays and overrun on costs.

Operational Insurance: Protects against equipment breakdown, business interruption, and natural disasters.

Liability Insurance: Covers potential damages to third parties.

Performance Insurance: Guarantees that the renewable energy system will generate a specified amount of energy, safeguarding against underperformance and potentially securing a stable revenue.


We can support developers, manufacturers, contractors, operators, asset managers and community energy groups, offering competitive premiums for cover on:

  • Wind turbines (On and Offshore)
  • Combined heat and power (CHP) – Biomass and Wood Chip Boiler Systems
  • Solar Photovoltaic and active solar thermal systems
  • Wave and tidal marine renewable systems
  • Hydro-electric facilities
  • Hydrogen fuel cell technologies
  • Waste to energy systems
  • Biogas – Landfill & Anaerobic Digestion

In conjunction with Construction, Operational, Liability and Performance Insurance, we can provide the following:

  • Transit Risks (Including Delay in Start-Up Loss of Profits)
  • Engineering Risks (Operational Machinery Breakdown)
  • Material Damage
  • Loss of Revenue & Business Interruption
  • Employers, Public & Products Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Directors & Officers and Trustee Liability
  • Lack of Sun or Wind bespoke package


Risk Assessment and Management

Renewable energy projects face a range of risks, including natural disasters, technological failures, and regulatory changes. Wind turbines and solar panels are particularly vulnerable to extreme weather conditions such as hailstorms. Insurers need to perform comprehensive risk assessments, considering factors like location, technology, and environmental impact. Advanced modelling techniques are often used to predict and mitigate potential risks ensuring that projects remain viable and sustainable.

Renewable Energy and UK Farmers

Renewable energy presents significant opportunities for UK farmers, enabling them to diversify income and promote sustainability. By investing in renewables, farmers can generate their own electricity and sell surplus energy to the grid. This can reduce energy costs and decrease carbon footprints, in-line with the government’s environmental goals.
Additionally, renewable projects can utilise less productive land, increasing overall farm profitability. Farmers that adopt renewable energy play a crucial role in achieving net-zero targets and promoting rural economic development.
Discussing renewable energy insurance is essential for protecting investments, mitigating risks, and ensuring project success. If you would like to find out more on the renewable energy insurance we can provide and how we can help, contact us today.

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