Our Approach

Our approach

Our community broking team is focused on delivering a highly professional level of advice to clients in our local communities. Whilst being competitive is important, placing your insurance should not be just about price.
At Lloyd & Whyte we seek to add real value, through risk management and advice, tailoring our services to meet the often-complex needs of different sectors.

We’re trusted and respected for our integrity and dependability, professionalism, knowledge of the market, and years of experience. We’re also a friendly and approachable bunch!

We’re different because we combine the strength of a larger partnership of insurance brokers providing greater flexibility & choice, with the quality, personal service you expect from a smaller business.

We pride ourselves in our great service, strong client relationships and expert bespoke advice.

We take the time to really understand you, your business and your area. 

Familiarity with local factors and circumstance pays dividends.

Knowing an area has always meant we can provide more accurate information to underwriters as we understand the issues, relevant factors, conditions and potential pitfalls in any given area.

Being local reduces our “broker miles” which allows us to be accessible and readily on hand, more sustainably.

We can explain all the small print and things you need to consider, in a user friendly, jargon-fee way.

We have no discrimination around premium levels. We value your business, large or small, so we keep you within our local team.

You get easy and quick access to help, assistance & ongoing support for any issues including help with claims.

Covering sectors as diverse as agriculture, construction and charities, to small businesses, commercial fleets and ethical insurance, we support local businesses and individuals with a range of financial planning and insurance services. We believe in long term relationships and have the expertise to support your needs.

In addition to advising you, we also support other local businesses with referrals to other relevant service providers that can help you, which helps to boost the local economy.

How can we help you?

If you have any questions regarding any of our services, please get in touch with our local branch and we’d be happy to help.

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